Kinetic Environmental Sculpture by Michael Oppenheimer
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Public Works
outdoor kinetic art
Byxbee Park (the Baylands):


If you live in or plan to visit the Bay Area, and specifically Palo Alto, California, you can see the original Windwave at Byxbee Park (The Baylands). This park is an outdoor sculpture garden that balances the needs of capping and reclaiming a landfill with artistic expression. It is unique in the way it incorporates art into the park design. The chosen design team consisted of artists Peter Richards and Michael Oppenheimer and Hargreaves Landscape Architects and Planners.

outdoor kinetic art
Westcott Bay Institute for Art & Nature:


If you ever have the chance to escape to San Juan Island, WA, take a stroll through the Westcott Bay Reserve.  The trails throughout this 19-acre reserve are interspersed with interpretative displays about nature and a rotating exhibit of over 100 sculptures, creating an outdoor museum for all ages.

You can view Michael Oppenheimer’s Wind Buoy and enjoy its distinct resonant tone, or listen for the direction of the wind in Chime Lines, or simple watch the gentle breezes rotate the stoic Douglas.

  Temporary Public Displays
outdoor kinetic art
  Tri-Met Portland, Light Rail:

Cattail Tunes Once stood sentinel and swayed with the winds at the Quatama Tri-met Light Rail station west of Portland, Oregon, but sadly it was destroyed by vandals in 2003.

interactive art

Une Autre Vie (Another Life):

This piece is both a work of art and a working stethoscope. The work was created for a juried exhibition titled: “ Artists of a Different Caliber” sponsored by the Pittsburgh Goods for Guns Anti-Violence Coalition. If you place the Une Autre Vie near your heart you can hear your heartbeat.

Museum Exhibits
Children's Museum Outdoor art
  Pittsburgh Children's Museum:

This temporary piece titled Image Orchard was installed in the courtyard entrance to the old Pittsburgh Children's Museum. It was a field of sixteen individual columns, or “trees” that taken as a whole, constituted an orchard with a cohesive image, but individually were unique unto themselves.

Children's Museum interactive displays

Developed for the Santa Fe Children’s Museum, LightWriter combines two pendulums, which interact leaving every changing glowing interlaced trails.

Children's Museum interactive displays
  Sunny Day Rainbow:

Made using minuscule glass beds that bend light into colors just as raindrops,
Sunny Day Rainbow invites you to watch ROYGBIV even on a bright sunny day.

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